How to Lay Wall Tiles

In modern day Britain, redecoration carried out by professionals can be costly and disruptive to the home. That’s why more and more Britons nationwide are dusting off their overalls, grabbing their tape measures and tackling home improvements head on. If you fancy yourself as a budding DIY pro, remember that a few handy hints can save time and help ensure that you complete a good job first time. Where wall tiles are concerned, one specialist online provider can help point you in the right direction with a few tips. The key to hassle free tiling is making sure that you’ve got everything that you need before starting. While tiles are the obvious component, this online store also stocks tiling accessories and tools of all kinds. You will definitely need spacers, tile adhesive and grout, but spreading tools, primers and tile cutters could be just as essential. It’s good to plan ahead and order everything you’ll need as soon as you can so that you can get on with the job unhindered.

The next step is making sure the area of wall you’re tiling is prepared. Good preparation can save time later, so check that the area is reasonably level and dry. If your wall is plastered, applying a weak PVA glue and water mix can help seal the plaster and provide a solid key to which tiles can adhere fully. When this is dry, apply tile adhesive to your tiles evenly and arrange in a pattern of your choice, checking constantly with a spirit level to make sure your tiles are flush before they set. Insert spacers at the corner of each tile to ensure a uniform gap, which is an important visual effect once the tiles have been grouted. It’s worth leaving applied wall tiles to set for 12 hours at least before grouting them. If applied with care and patience, wall tiles from this supplier can transform a dull bathroom or kitchen into a stylish area which can enhance a home’s value and provide effective, practical waterproofing. With their comprehensive product range delivered directly to your home, there’s no reason to put off what could be an enjoyable and cost effective home improvement.

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