Why You Should Have Hundreds of Craigslist

In your shopping for Craigslist verified accounts, you may have seen several offers for buying hundreds of phone verified accounts. You may be wondering why this is even an option, and for that matter, Tutorial to Producing Your Personal Steam Shower why anyone but a spammer would want so many accounts. Here’s the skinny on why you would want to buy so many Craigslist verified accounts. Buy Phone Verified Accounts in Bulk and Save Some vendors offer discounts per PVA if you buy phone verified accounts by the hundreds. Like bulk purchases in other niches, it’s simply a matter of saving money by buying a lot of a product. Still, you may not see the validation of buying so many PVA accounts to begin with. To put it simply, the competitive arena of selling services on Craigslist can be brutal. If you don’t have enough PVAs available, you won’t keep up with the competition. You’re certainly not very likely to win—unless you’re the only game in town. How many business owners can actually say that, though? Your Competition Can Kill Your PVA Accounts Craigslist’s war on spammers has put you in an unfortunate situation.

Any old user can flag any post anonymously and it can be removed consequently. It may not seem like that big of a deal, except that if you get enough posts flagged, your account can get suspended. What makes it especially bad for you is that if your PVA account gets banned, you can’t use it again in the Services section. To continue doing business, you would have to get another phone verified account, and you don’t want to have to get a new phone to do it. Your competition has the ability to put you in this situation. The only question you have to address is if they’re aggressive and unethical enough to do it. The answer to this question is “better safe than sorry.” Visibility—The Other Reason for Multiple Verified Accounts Really, all the policy of phone verified accounts did was to make it harder for an average business owner to be seen on Craigslist. You simply can’t get an edge on your competitors if everyone has the same posting limits. This is a major rationale for getting more phone verified accounts.

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