How to Buy the Best PVA Accounts

PVA Accounts are necessary for marketing on Craigslist. Unfortunately, if you expect to get any actual results from advertising on Craigslist, you have to have multiple verified accounts. Otherwise, you’re completely at the mercy of your competition. Phone verified accounts have benefits beyond dealing with your competitors. You can increase your number of available posts, and thereby run several advertising campaigns. In the competitive world of Craigslist advertising, you’d be selling yourself short by not buying phone verified accounts. Where You Should Buy Phone Verified Accounts The first rule of where you should buy phone verified accounts is that it should be local, or at least provide local PVAs. One problem you might encounter with buying PVA accounts from just any vendor is that you could accidentally find yourself “ghosting,” or posting in a city other than where your account is verified for. This is a violation of Craigslist’s Terms of Service, and you could find yourself banned for doing it. Craigslist uses a Geo IP function to track where the members are posting their services.

If you try to post outside of your approved area, they will notice it. It may not per se be your fault that your PVA is useless in your area, but Craigslist will smack you down just the same. Verified Accounts Should Be New, Not Recycled Another problem with buying verified accounts with some vendors is that they recycle old Craigslist verified accounts. This may seem innocuous at first, but let’s think about this a little bit. Chances are, since you’re getting a PVA, another marketer has been using it. Have you ever bought a cell phone and started receiving collection notices and phone calls for someone you’ve never met? It was pretty irritating, wasn’t it? This same, precise issue can be your headache if you get a recycled phone verified account. Only this would be more likely to include issues directly related to their business, like customer complaints. That’s not a very big deal, but there are more problems with getting a recycled PVA. You will inherit the previous owner’s Craigslist “karma.” You don’t have any way of knowing what kind of businessperson they were.

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